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Currency Converter

The Current Exchange Rate of Common Currency Pairs

Our free currency converter gives you real-time exchange rates on dozens of currencies around the world. Enter your currency and the amount, and we’ll show you its current rate with the currency of your choosing. Use the Rate dropdown to anticipate your markup.

Practice Forex Trading

Traveling abroad? Our currency converter streams the exchange rates on global currencies. These rates mirror those you might see on the news. Bear in mind, when you exchange your currency for another country’s currency at the airport, in a bank, through your credit card, the rates will include a markup from the provider.

Our interactive currency chart gives you a historical look at your chosen currency pair’s performance. Use the slider to get more precise moves in the marketplace. Using the currency chart, you can get a better idea of the best time to convert your currency by anticipating moves in the market. Basically, this is the same principal when you trade currency as an investment.

I Can Trade Currencies?

Investors all over the world trade currency every day, looking for opportunities to buy low and sell high, similar to stock trading. GRAND FXNES is pleased to be one of the leading providers of foreign exchange (forex) trading. We not only give you the powerful tools you need to invest in forex, but we also teach you how to trade currency.

Getting Started with Forex

Getting started in the forex market is easy! Sign up for GRAND FXNES’s FREE forex trading demo and we’ll give you a $50,000 practice account, plus our popular New To Forex Guide, designed to help you take those first steps.

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